Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Hundred Christmas Trees

One Hundred Christmas Trees: "Acrylic Christmas tree

Limited edition from aaron r thomas via cribcandy

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purplehomes: "Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Christmas is here...

With Christmas just around the corner, i thought it would be fun to look around and find some really innovative and offbeat Christmas trees that are being designed this year and have been created in the past. Here they are..
From Left to Right :
Row One :

Acrylic Christmas Trees : Designed by Aaron R. Thomas. He works with acrylic and converts scraps into amazing art pieces. This one is definitely my favorite."

Friday, December 14, 2007 Fashion Blog - Style, Beauty, Luxury Lifestyle & Shopping: Sleek & Stylish, an Acrylic Holiday Tree Makes a Chic Statement (& less N Fashion Blog - Style, Beauty, Luxury Lifestyle & Shopping: Sleek & Stylish, an Acrylic Holiday Tree Makes a Chic Statement (& less Needle-ey Mess): "Sleek & Stylish, an Acrylic Holiday Tree Makes a Chic Statement (& less Needle-ey Mess)

Acrylic Christmas Tree Aaron R. Thomas Cool Fake Trees Holiday DecorIf the Festivus pole is just a bit too stripped down, this limited edition, ultra-modern acrylic (!) tree helps bring home the spirit - but without the kitsch. Handmade & signed by Aaron R. Thomas, it the chic way to save a tree for this year as well as the next 30."

Sunday, December 2, 2007

from CasaSugar:

Nice and New: Aaron Thomas Acrylic Christmas Tree

Mon, 11/26/2007 - 6:34am by casasugar

Aaron R. Thomas's Acrylic Christmas Trees are back this year due to popular demand. It's the most retro holiday "tree" I've seen yet, but it's certainly not as festive as the Unica Home Bottle Brush Tree. It looks great decked with monochrome silver ornaments, but I don't think it really stands on its own. So be prepared for some quality tree-trimming time. The tree is available in both 3' ($500) and 6' ($850) and each is limited edition, signed, and numbered for the 2007 season.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Photos of the Aaron R Thomas Modern Acrylic Christmas Tree

Acrylic Christmas Tree

From the StyleHive Blog:

On The 37th Day Before Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me: An Acrylic Christmas Tree!


Less than two months separate you from the gift of your dreams! To better help you start dropping hints about what you want, or to give you ideas of what to give others, we’ll be bringing you a great gift every day until the big day.

Today’s fun find, is Aaron R Thomas’ Limited Edition Acrylic Christmas Tree! If you’re looking for something not quite traditional, a little unique, and just plain cool, sign up for one of these babies.
The 6 feet versions come at a hefty $850 price tag (3 feet goes for $500) but think of it this way - they’ll last ya forever, and trust us when we say you’ll have the most rockin’ tree on the block!

Only 50 of these were made, so hurry!

Check back every day for the latest installment of “I Hope My True Love Gets For me.”

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From More Ways to Waste Time:

Object of Lust: Acrylic Christmas Tree

Because I've always wanted a 6-foot-tall, $850, limited-edition clear plastic Christmas tree.

Seriously -- pines and firs? Overrated.

Order yours right here.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh love this...would be perfect for Marrakech when Christmas trees are hard to come by.

design for mankind. said...

That is so beautiful, my little Glaswegian princess!


From J-Walk Blog:

O Tannenbaum

"Is this the most beautiful Christmas tree we ever had, Daddy?" a young voice asked.

"No", cried another, "it's the most beautiful Christmas tree ever!"

Remember: If it's not acrylic, it's not a Christmas tree.

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From Desire to Inspire :

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....

I'm a "Bah! Humbug!" sort of girl myself and Christmas isn't that big in my house (except for the family gatherings and the copious amounts of food and drink) but when I was checking out Aaron R Thomas's website to see what fab new things he has designed my heart skipped a beat. Lucite lovers of the world unite, an acrylic christmas tree. Swoon! This one has been styled for the Bamboo Colony in L.A. Check it out here and here. (Earlier post here.) Limited edition so if you can't resist go now.

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Christmas isn't very big in Australia to begin with... at least not in a traditional sense. It has always been a backyard barbie with heaps of friends and family, not to mention a generous serving of Bundaberg rum, cold cuts, and hot summertime sunshine.
I like to look at North American design magazines to admire the beauty of a traditional Christmas with falling white snow and burning fireplaces, hot apple cider and blazing candles. I love the cozy, inviting decor with heaps of plush blankets in warm tones, mantels adorned in holly and scented pinecones, and twinkling lights and ornaments draping a real evergreen Christmas tree. And one can not forget the excitement of the big man himself... Santa Claus (I envision snowflakes falling and Santa on a reindeer sled gliding through the night sky)!
I would love to experience a traditional winter solstice Christmas. For those who are lucky enough to live in the Northern Hemisphere, savour the season for not everyone in this world gets to experience a traditional holiday.
I *am* dreaming of a white Christmas...
Merry December everyone!! :)
Wow Lynda, your comment was so beautifully worded I almost felt guilty for always bashing the weather here. I do have to say that I cannot imagine what Christmas would be like spending it on the beach in shorts while having a BBQ. That would just be too untraditional. As much as I detest the cold here, it does provide alot of atmosphere to Christmas. Last year we had a really mild beginning to the winter and had no snow at Christmas, and it was very odd. Not this year - it is COLD and we've been getting dumped on for a couple weeks. Lynda, I can send you some snow if you'd like!

Merry December to you and everyone. Here's to lucite Christmas trees!!

So much Attention for the Original Fabulous Acrylic Christmas Tree by Aaron R Thomas!

Dear Friends, Fans, Clients...

Our Acrylic Christmas Tree has created such a stir, we've started a new blog just as a scrap-book of the reviews we've gotten.

Thanks for visiting.

By the way, Time is running out to order yours.
Christmas is coming,
and this limited edition of Trees won't last much longer.

call or email to reserve yours: